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Examples of Pelago data logging modules, palm pda devices and pcb contained inside the modules.


Pelago have developed a range of data loggers and data acquisition systems for use in Oceanographic, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Meteorological applications, our new advanced data logging systems allow economical data retrieval of remote data


A new data logging system from Pelago is currently under trials and due to be released in November 2008. This new data acquisition system named the M7, allows for multiple plug and play daughter board modules to be inserted into the main mother board allowing truly dynamic monitoring of many different parameter types.

The pelago M7 range is suited to both remote data collection in harsh environments using a battery pack or can be rack mounted using mains/transformer power

The new M7 data acquisition system caters for just about every application requirement and logging parameter requirement.

Currently in the range of plug in modules are:

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Tilt, Compass, voltage, current, flow control, oxygen, turbidity, digital pulse count

Communication to the system is via a plug and play daughter board giving the user an array of communication connections including but not limited to, Wireless, Bluetooth, RS232, RS485, LAN, USB, MMC card.

Each daughter board is a self-contained control system, separate modules store and forward data directly to the main MMC Memory card.

There is no constraint in how many same boards can be plugged in


6 Temperature boards containing 4 temperature channels can be used in one system giving a range of up to 24 temperature channels, this can also accommodate all other multi combinations

Systems can be setup from the front control panel with a full graphical display and user step though setup procedures

The acquisition system is ip65 compliant housed in a solid Aluminum casing, all peripheral connections are water proof and rear mounted

Bespoke system boards can be made to order for specialist applications

The company is based on the South coast of England where it has a good working relationship with many local Institutions, including the Southampton Institute of Oceanography (Ocean Engineering Division). This has enabled us to test and develop a comprehensive user-friendly data logger system using the very latest chip and memory technologies.

Pelago endeavors to provide the best technology in the continuing quest to discover more about the Earth’s environment using data logger instruments

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