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Pelago was born out of the need for a Data Acquisition System with higher resolutions and data sampling rates that is easy to use and provides for a minimum down time. It has been designed as an economical direct upgrade for existing older systems.

High Resolution Temperature  Data logging Module
Module connected to hand-held palm device
and an example of the pcb contained inside
the module

The Pelago system is the culmination of several years’ development. Originally inspired by the requirements of the Southampton Oceanography Centre, many models and prototypes were designed and extensively tested to create a comprehensive user-friendly system. The Southampton Oceanography Centre (Ocean Engineering Division) gave generous assistance in these developments.

Applications include Oceanic and Coastal Research, Marine Traffic Systems, Offshore Surveying Systems, Fish Farming, Hydrography, Fresh Water Monitoring and Weather Monitoring.

Formed in 1996 Pelago is a privately funded company. With a dedicated team we have been able to develop and design a range of fully integrated data logging modules that can be used individually or grouped together to form a larger system. Prolonged testing, attention to detail and fine-tuning have resulted in instruments having consistent accuracy, long-term dependability and minimal maintenance.The Pelago system's design was a close runner-up for the prestigious DTI 'Smart Award'.

The modules were designed primarily to fit into standard circular cross-section pressure casings with an inside diameter of 115mm (Aanderaa rcm 4-8 type). However, they can also be used individually in any commercially-available casing.

Depending on the type of casing or housing used any number up to a maximum of 64 modules can be used simultaneously. The only limitation is that if a compass is required, it must be placed at the bottom of the stack.
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