Data logging Applications

Fish Farming, Fish Tagging

Pelago has a range of miniature data loggers which can be used in many applications and environments including Fishing farming, freezer temperature measurement, temperature sensitive products, sterilisation and process control, Industrial applications.





iButton are miniture portable and cost effective data collection devices ideally suited to these types of application


The iBTags are based on the iButton® family of products manufactured by Dallas Semiconductors. The iBTags come in several sizes of submersible temperature archival tag, iBKrill, iBBass and iBCod. The basic iButton® metal can has the lowest cost and is the smallest temperature logger that can be found with-in the industry. It is widely used for traceability of perishable goods.

Each size can incorporates one electronic circuit with different specifications as shown in the table below.
Depth rating is 600 meters for all iBtags except the iButton metal can, which is not submersible and is used for dry temperature measurements only.

1) Choose size of packaging

The iBCod is the biggest of all three iBTags but also the least expensive. It is reinforced with solid titanium plates and over molded in a tough polyurethane casing that can take a lot of rough handling.

It should be the first choice for the bigger fish or as oceanographic instrumentation to monitor lake or stream temperature. It is also less expensive than the smaller iBBass and iBKrill.

It is presently used very successfully for adult cod tagging in the Gulf of St-Lawrence in Canada and for adult salmon in the US West Coast.

* Titanium and polyurethane casing
* Dry weight : 11 gr / Submerged weight : 5.4 gr negative
* Standard color: Dark blue
* Optional colours: light green and red
* Optional custom text in special thermo set in


The iBTags are miniature temperature archival tags used for tagging fish and small animal such as bat. They come in four sizes with a choice of loggers with different resolution, precision and memory. Refer to our PDF technical document for detailed information on the specifications and part numbers.

The iBTags can be programmed and data downloaded by the user. A roll over option allows the user to keep the first measurements in memory or to replace them with the latest values. An histogram feature of the device will keep the count of the erased and logged measurements.

The standard logger comes with a -5 to 26°C range and a 0.125°C resolution. The precision of +/-1 C can be improved greatly by individual calibration.

The electronic used in the iBTag comes from the Thermochron, a device used extensively in scientific and industrial applications. It is fabricated in very high quantities which brings its price very low. It has a lot of following in scientific community and is the object of several discussion forum on the internet.,

The iBTags were first used on cod tagged in the golf of St-Laurence in august 2001. Up to a hundred loggers were successfully recovered before the cod fishing moratorium in 2003.

Note 1: iButton is a trade mark of Dallas Semiconducts

Feel free to contact us for technical advice and pricing, based on your own personal requirements, custom configurations may be obtainable.

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