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The Pelago Data Collection System

What is a Pelago Data Logger?

Data loggers in the Pelago range are instruments that record and store measurements of temperature, pressure, conductivity, tidal flow and other events over a period of time. Pelago data loggers are small in size and will work remotely using small battery cells. The range of modules designed by us consists of processing electronics, a data storage card, and if required by the module, a combination of compatible sensors. Pelago data loggers can store large amounts of data using the latest multi-media card technology (MMC), this can then be removed and plugged into any personal computer to upload as a CSV file directly into a spread sheet program such as Microsoft Excel™.

Where can Data Loggers be used?

Data loggers can be used for Land, Sea, and Air, and in any other application where the collection of data is required. The convenience of battery powered data recording instruments means that field studies can be carried out in remote locations and without the need for frequent recovery.
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How does the Pelago Data Logger work?

The selected data module is connected to a battery and its appropriate sensor. All modules are delivered pre-calibrated but can be re-calibrated for a specific purpose using a Palm PDA. Logging parameters, sampling intervals and start times are saved onto the storage card. Inserting the card into the module initiates the logger which is then ready for deployment into the desired location. The logger records each measurement and stores this data into the memory card along with the time and date. The storage card can be plugged into a personal computer; software is used to read the data which can be viewed or exported to a spreadsheet for further manipulation.
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Why are Data Loggers replacing chart recorders?

Pelago data loggers incorporate the latest in digital technology which makes them smaller, less expensive, more accurate and more reliable than chart recorders. Furthermore, data is stored in PC format which allows for more convenient data analysis, presentation and storage. Pelago data loggers don't require costly consumables because you can view the data on a PC or laptop.
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Why choose Pelago Data Loggers over other data acquisition systems?

Some data acquisition systems require the installation of an interface card in a PC to connect to the logger. Pelago data loggers appreciably reduce the costs for most logging applications and are significantly easier to implement. These loggers can be placed in areas that permanent digital systems can not reach.
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What can you expect from a Pelago Data Logger?

Ease of use, modular technology, intelligent logging facilities, low power consumption, accurate, reliable and compact in size.
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What do you look for from a Data Logger manufacturer?

In-house manufacturing, knowledgeable helpful sales staff, and full professional support.
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