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Features and Benefits of the Pelago Data Acquisition System 

1) Each module is a self-supporting logger in its own right. Just one unit is all that is required to function.

2) Any number or combination of modules can be configured allowing total user control over configuration.

3) Several same function modules can be stacked together to enhance that function. If, for example, multiple temperature measurements are required then as many temperature modules can be installed as are necessary to achieve that application.


4) Configuration settings are displayed automatically on activation, enabling the user to confirm the correct settings before deployment.

5) Low power consumption allows longer deployment, thereby economising on data collection and retrieval times.

6) Large memory capacity enables higher sampling rates, giving higher overall accuracy.

7) No download time - data is stored directly to a removable Multi-Media-Card (MMC) for quick change-over and redeployment.

8) The user can setup modules anywhere, any time - there are no limitations on where the modules can be setup.

9) Data is stored independently on each module. In the unlikely event of a module failure, the data from the other modules will not be affected. This secures data already collected by independent modules.

10) Intelligent logging allows the user to specify sampling rates within given parameters. The user can activate higher sampling rates to operate outside those parameters.

11) Easy data retrieval: standard 'comma separated values' (CSV) file format allows quicker import and data analysis, compatible with standard spreadsheet programs.

12) Logging parameters stored in text format within the CSV. Update times can easily be changed.

13) Standard power requirements: off-the-shelf 5-12volt power source. However, if a Compass Module is installed within the system then Non-Magnetic Batteries must be used.

14) Lightweight colour-coded modules for fast identification.

15) Infra-red communications. Calibration modifications can be carried out anywhere using a Palm PDA.

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