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Temperature Module

High Resolution Temperature Module

Completely self-contained Precision Temperature Data Logging Module with non-volatile multi-media memory card (MMC).
External input for remote temperature probe flexibility.

Sampling Rates:

user-selectable in intervals of one second from once per second to once per day

Recording Span:

depends on sample interval selected and memory card size

Memory Protection:

data retention of 20+ years without power

Operating Voltage:

5 - 12 Volts

Maximum current drawn:


Standby Current:


Memory Size:

min 32meg - max 128 meg (fat16)

Record Size:

35 bytes (per log)

Display Size:

1 X 8 LED


24bit Delta Sigma A to D

Temperature Range:

-10 C to +130 C *

Reisitance Range:

450 Ohm to 100kOhm

Sensor Type:

10k R-T Curve Matched Thermistor

Accuracy Using Resistor Box:

+/- 0.1C

Accuracy Calibration in- Temperature Bath:

Dependent on bath +/-0.002C

Module Size:

105mm x 42mm x 16mm

* Depending on user requirements a range from -80 C to +250 C is possible which can be set at time of manufacture. Accuracy will vary according to specific temperature requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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